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Zebrafish exhibit remarkable alterations in behaviour and morphology as they develop from early larval stages to mature adults. In this study we compare the locomotion parameters of six common zebrafish strains from two different laboratories to determine the stability and repeatability of these behaviours. Our results demonstrate large variability in(More)
Little is known on the embryonic origin and related heterogeneity of adult neural stem cells (aNSCs). We use conditional genetic tracing, activated in a global or mosaic fashion by cell type-specific promoters or focal laser uncaging, coupled with gene expression analyses and Notch invalidations, to address this issue in the zebrafish adult telencephalon.(More)
Live imaging of adult neural stem cells (aNSCs) in vivo is a technical challenge in the vertebrate brain. Here, we achieve long-term imaging of the adult zebrafish telencephalic neurogenic niche and track a population of >1000 aNSCs over weeks, by taking advantage of fish transparency at near-infrared wavelengths and of intrinsic multiphoton landmarks. This(More)
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