Sébastien Barthélémy

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Directional coding of hand movements is of primary importance in the proactive control of goal-directed aiming. At the same time, manual reaction times are known to be asymmetric when reaching at lateralized targets. Generally, ipsilateral movements and left hand advantages are interpreted using the classical model of interhemispheric transmission for(More)
To what extent does visual feedback shape the coordination between our arms? As a first step towards answering this question, this study compares bimanual coupling in simultaneous bimanual reversal movements that control cursor movements on a vertical screen. While both cursors were visible in the control condition, visual feedback was prevented in the(More)
3.1 INTRODUCTION Ce chapitre aborde le problème de l'analyse de l'équilibre et de la synthèse par la commande de la coordination des mouvements d'humains virtuels pour la simulation réaliste d'activités physiques quotidiennes ou professionnelles telles qu'illustré par la figure 3.1. La synthèse d'actions motrices physiquement réalistes et biologiquement(More)
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