Sébastien Arnaud

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Recurrent parotid pleomorphic adenoma surgery increases the risk of facial nerve injury, and there is also a risk of ulterior recurrence. Postoperative results from 62 consecutive patients operated for recurrent pleomorphic adenoma were analyzed. It was the first recurrence for 49 patients (79%), the second or more for 13 patients (21%). Total parotidectomy(More)
Background: The aim of the study was to measure women’s decisions about breast reconstruction (BR) after mastectomy and to assess the factors contributing to their decisions, in a context involving shared decision-making and maximum patient autonomy. Methods: Women who were about to undergo mastectomy for primary breast cancer were systematically offered(More)
Salivary fistulas and sialoceles are rare complications of post-traumatic or postoperative parotid gland and duct injuries. Local injections of type A botulinum toxin represent a new and effective treatment for complications of these injuries, which is less invasive, stressful and lengthy than conventional methods. The authors report five cases in which(More)
The transconjunctival CO(2) laser approach to lower eyelid blepharoplasty was used to treat a 66-year-old man presenting with bilateral lower eyelid herniated fat without excess skin. Early postoperative examination revealed left eye blindness. This report presents clinical circumstances of this rare complication and further discusses the most likely(More)
Soft tissue liposarcomas are quite common in the adult population, whereas liposarcoma of the larynx is exceedingly rare. We describe an exceptional case of liposarcoma of the posterior aspect of the left arytenoid in a 62-year-old woman who was treated with two endoscopic excisions and adjuvant radiotherapy (RT). This is the 32nd case of laryngeal(More)
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