Sébastien Angélliaume

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/RESUME A polarimetric and PolInSAR analysis has been conducted on the Nezer forest (Southern France) at L and P band on high resolution SAR data acquired with the ONERA RAMSES system in January 2004. The dataset was investigated for its potential for retrieval of forest parameters from SAR data using three different techniques: • Radiometric inversion from(More)
Global warning is now known to be the major environmental issue mankind will have to face in the next decade. Monitoring of vegetation and biomass is clearly an essential piece of information required at all levels ranging from the scientific studies to understand and forecast, to the political actors and government leaders responsible for drafting(More)
1. ABSTRACT In spaceborne SAR, a single-polarization on transmit has, over full polarization, the advantage of a double swath due to SAR system design issues. Without getting into the details deserving by themselves a full publication, we can just observe the swath characteristics associated with ALOS PALSAR dual-pol and full-polarization modes. This(More)
SETHI is the new airborne SAR system developed by the ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab. This system was developed according to the standard FAR25 applied to civil application. The main improvement compared to the previous ONERA airborne radar system RAMSES is that the antennas are located in two pods compatible with small aircrafts like the Falcon 20. This(More)