Séan M Lavelle

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Decisional aids are dependent on the accuracy, comprehensiveness and decisional value of the observations in the database and the test subject. Diagnostic data stem from the observations of the patient, the doctor and third party tests. An information-utility index was used to compare the diagnostic contribution of these sources. In a diagnostic database of(More)
Bleeding can occur unexpectedly during antithrombotic therapy. Impaired haemostasis is commonly measured by the bleeding time. We measured it by 3 methods in controls and in anticoagulated animals and related it to their antithrombotic status. In 42 control rats template, tail-tip transection and needle occlusion bleeding times correlated poorly (r =(More)
The study aimed to describe an example of the assessment and validation of knowledge-based clinical expert systems. The paper focuses on ICTERUS, an expert system for jaundice diagnosis. It describes system design, the methodology applied for upgrading and validating the program, and the most important outcomes of the validation procedure. The clinical(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The assessment of disease stage in cirrhosis is important for the individual patient (prognosis, timing and risk for requiring surgical intervention) and also for population comparisons and trials. There are several established methods, and we have aimed at comparison of the methods within a large cirrhosis population. METHODOLOGY In the(More)
BACKGROUND From a primary clinical database, we wanted to obtain insight in disease distribution and clinical presentation of adult jaundiced patients in a Western country. MATERIALS AND METHODS As part of the Euricterus project, 24 Dutch general and academic hospitals in a period of 2 years gathered prospectively 702 patients on a standard proforma.(More)
Sarcoma may arise on unabsorbable foreign bodies in rodents and more rarely in man. Perforations of the implant reduce its carcinogenicity so that nitrocellulose filters of pore size 0.45 micron have failed to induce tumour. We examined whether increase of surface area would restore carcinogenesis to film with such pore size. Nitrocellulose filters of 25 mm(More)
  • S M Lavelle
  • 1994
IDMR explored in a representative group of diseases, the design of a European patient record, structured on the decisions made by the doctors in caring for patients throughout their hospitalisation in each country of the European Community. Over 350 patients involving 6000 decisions were entered in the database. Working programs in FoxPro and Windows, a(More)