Séan M Lavelle

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Decisional aids are dependent on the accuracy, comprehensiveness and decisional value of the observations in the database and the test subject. Diagnostic data stem from the observations of the patient, the doctor and third party tests. An information-utility index was used to compare the diagnostic contribution of these sources. In a diagnostic database of(More)
Thrombus weight was used as a measure of the thrombus enhancing effect of drugs in 135 rats. The weight of thrombus formed in one hour, on a 20 x 0.5 mm platinum wire, inserted in the vena cava was taken as a measure of thrombosis. The change in thrombus weight which followed the injection of ellagic acid to activate the coagulation system, adenosine(More)
The study aimed to describe an example of the assessment and validation of knowledge-based clinical expert systems. The paper focuses on ICTERUS, an expert system for jaundice diagnosis. It describes system design, the methodology applied for upgrading and validating the program, and the most important outcomes of the validation procedure. The clinical(More)
A course in objective methods of clinical practice has been set up for medical students in University College, Galway. Such a course needs to rely on practical work and demonstrations with preferably clinical examples rather than exhortation. The course should be a fairly intensive one and probably best placed in the third year of a 5-year programme.(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The assessment of disease stage in cirrhosis is important for the individual patient (prognosis, timing and risk for requiring surgical intervention) and also for population comparisons and trials. There are several established methods, and we have aimed at comparison of the methods within a large cirrhosis population. METHODOLOGY In the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS In the European Union Euricterus Project on (sub)Icterus proforma, the history and physical examination items were to be used for the physician's working diagnosis (PWD) and 'among others, for the development of the real life data electronic diagnostic tool, Trial. Trial delivers diagnosis probabilities based on Bayes' Theorem (B), completed(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) is a relatively rare chronic progressive disease in which a working diagnosis of PBC easily leads to a final diagnosis by testing for anti-mitochondrial antibodies. Liver transplantation is the only effective treatment. The aim of this study was to test an electronic diagnostic tool (tool) for it's ability to(More)
Bleeding can occur unexpectedly during antithrombotic therapy. Impaired haemostasis is commonly measured by the bleeding time. We measured it by 3 methods in controls and in anticoagulated animals and related it to their antithrombotic status. In 42 control rats template, tail-tip transection and needle occlusion bleeding times correlated poorly (r =(More)
Epsilon-amino-caproic acid (EACA) induces a clinically-useful anti-haemorrhagic, mildly thrombotic state while ellagic acid (EA) induces a severe hypercoagulable one. Reversal of these states may on occasion be necessary. The effectiveness of the antiplatelet drugs, aspirin and dipyridamole (ASA/D), in reducing thrombus weight was studied in normocoagulable(More)
BACKGROUND Computer-assisted diagnostic systems are not substantially more accurate than the clinician in the differential diagnosis of jaundice but may help in optimal selection and sequencing of tests. The present study aimed to assess with an electronic diagnostic tool the pattern of ordering tests and the diagnostic contribution and related financial(More)