Séamus J Stack

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Microcephalin (MCPH1/BRIT1) forms ionizing radiation-induced nuclear foci (IRIF) and is required for DNA damage-responsive S and G2-M-phase checkpoints. MCPH1 contains three BRCT domains. Here we report the cloning of chicken Mcph1 (cMcph1) and functional analysis of its individual BRCT domains. Full-length cMcph1 localized to centrosomes throughout the(More)
Hepatitis C virus core protein forms the viral nucleocapsid and plays a critical role in the formation of infectious particles. In this study, we demonstrate that the highly conserved residue G33, located within domain 1 of the core protein, is important for the production of cell culture-infectious virus (HCVcc). Alanine substitution at this position in(More)
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