Séamas Kelly

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In this paper we focus on the neglected role of anxiety and psychological security in organizational life; specifically, in the context of the organization and development of offshoring relationships that extend across time and geography. In contrast with much of the literature on offshoring (and inter-organizational relationships more generally), which(More)
In 2005, a team of researchers sponsored by the Society for Information Management Advocacy program interviewed senior executives in Information Technology (IT) departments about their current and future workforce trends and skill requirements. This paper presents the results of that research: more organizations are increasing their in-house IT staffs than(More)
This paper suggests that recent contributions to the knowledge management literature could be taken to constitute a dramatic epistemic shift for the information systems field, which may open new frontiers in the theorization of information, communication, and forms of ICT-mediated social interaction. Specifically, it argues that a move away from an overly(More)
In this paper we explore the notion of anxiety and its management in the context of a model of offshore software development that is becoming increasingly common in the contemporary world. In particular, we have focused on the important question of how comfort is produced in circumstances that may involve high risk and a very opaque development processes,(More)
Collagenous colitis is an increasingly diagnosed clinical and pathological variant of microscopic colitis, mainly affecting middle-aged and elderly women; herein we review the literature for a rare complication (colonic perforation) and the most appropriate management. EMBASE, MEDLINE and abstracts from major gastroenterological congresses were searched in(More)
Introduction Open Source software (OSS) is coming to the attention of individuals, organisations, and governments' worldwide, and is increasingly being adopted by firms for specific business purposes (Overby, Bharadwaj et al. 2004). Organisations such as Beaumont Hospital Dublin have claimed cost savings in excess of €8m over 5 years as a result of(More)
Modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) have been heralded as a key enabler of more integrated, flexible, network forms of organising. In this paper we critically examine such claims by drawing on evidence from a longitudinal, interpretive study of the strategic use of IT within the Irish credit union movement. While various economic and(More)