Säıd Hanafi

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In this paper, we describe a new solution approach for the multiple choice multidimensional knapsack problem. The problem is a variant of the multidimensional knapsack problem where items are divided into classes, and exactly one item per class has to be chosen. Both problems are NP-hard. However, the multiple choice multidimensional knapsack problem(More)
Many optimization techniques (both heuristic and exact) for solving combinatorial and nonlinear problems are iterative neighborhood search procedures – i.e., they start with an initial solution (feasible or infeasible) and repeatedly construct new solutions from current solutions by moves defined by reference to a neighborhood structure. The process(More)
To exploit microelectronics progresses for next processor generations, it is crucial to design new tools allowing a better adequacy between architectures and applications. The Facse project, which we present in this paper, strives to achieve this objective. As the two aspects of the system (hardware and software) are taken into account simultaneously, it is(More)
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