Sárka Hosková-Mayerová

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The purpose of this paper is the study of prime ideals and prime filters in hyperlattices. I−filter and the filter generated by a ∈ L are introduced. Moreover, we introduce dual distributive hyperlattices, and I−filter in dual distributive hyperlattices. Some properties of hyperlattices are studied and the relationship between prime ideals and prime filters(More)
Hypergroups are generalizations of groups. If this binary operation is taken to be multivalued, then we arrive at a hypergroup. The motivation for generalization of the notion of group resulted naturally from various problems in non-commutative algebra, another motivation for such an investigation came from geometry. In various branches of mathematics we(More)
In the last time some papers were devoted to the study of the connections between binary block codes and BCK-algebras. In this paper, we try to generalize these results to n-ary block codes, providing an algorithm which allows us to construct a BCK-algebra from a given n-ary block code. Y. Imai and K. Iseki introduced BCK-algebras in 1966, through the paper(More)
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