Sándor Kovács

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Existence of minimal models for varieties of log general type." J. Amer. Math. The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Abstract. We prove that the canonical ring of a smooth projec-tive variety is finitely generated.
We present a molecular-scale model of Bacteriochlorophyll a (BChl a) binding to the chlorosome protein A (CsmA) of Chlorobaculum tepidum, and the aggregated pigment–protein dimer, as determined from protein–ligand docking and quantum chemistry calculations. Our calculations provide strong evidence that the BChl a molecule is coordinated to the His25 residue(More)
Besides the second generations bio fuels, one of the most promising products is the bio gas oil, which is a high iso-paraffin containing fuel, which could be produced by the catalytic hydrogenation of different triglycerides. To broaden the feedstock of the bio gas oil the catalytic hydrogenation of waste lard over sulphided NiMo/Al(2)O(3) catalyst, and as(More)
Based on a well-known discrete bifurcation problem (the discretized Euler buckling problem) displaying a highly complex bifurcation diagram, we show how to find fast, global access to the distribution patterns of classical branch-invariants (symmetry groups, nodal properties, stability characteristics), without actually computing the complex diagram. At the(More)
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