Sándor Kemény

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OBJECTIVES Presurgical mapping of motor function is a widely used clinical application of functional (f) MRI, employing the blood oxygenation level dependent contrast. The aim of this study was to report on 3 years experience of 194 fMRI studies on the representation of motor function in 103 patients and to describe the problems and artefacts that were(More)
OBJECTIVES Although functional MRI is widely used for preoperative planning and intraoperative neuronavigation, its accuracy to depict the site of neuronal activity is not exactly known. Experience with methods that may validate fMRI data and the results obtained when coregistering fMRI with different preoperative and intraoperative mapping modalities(More)
PURPOSE This paper describes the potential of navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation to map the motor cortex in patients with mass lesions near the primary motor cortex by comparing the results of this technique to those of functional MRI. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ten patients with mass lesions near the central sulcus were studied preoperatively using a(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of the basal ganglia and the thalamus for basic processes of visuospatial attention METHODS Fifteen patients with acute circumscribed vascular lesions (10 with haemorrhage and five with infarction) were included in the study. The lesions were confined exclusively to subcortical structures, such as the basal ganglia,(More)
TMS mapping and fMRI were used to investigate changes in the motor cortex representation of the hand in a patient with complete loss of right hand function following traumatic avulsion of the cervical roots C7 and C8. Both TMS and fMRI demonstrated an expansion of the motor representation of the forearm into the hand area contralateral to the injured side.(More)
INTRODUCTION Encephalitis is a rare complication of primary varicella-zoster virus (VZV) infection in immunocompetent children. METHODS The clinical and laboratory findings of two girls with VZV-related encephalitis are reported. RESULTS Both children presented with focal epileptic seizures, corresponding to cortical/subcortical as well as white matter(More)
; and Sándor Kemény is professor at the same institution (email: kemeny@mail.bme.hu). The authors wish to thank Mr. Richárd Király for his preliminary work. The authors are grateful to the Associate Editor of STCO and the unknown reviewers for their helpful suggestions. 2 ABSTRACT AND KEY WORDS Unfortunately many of the numerous algorithms for computing the(More)
Diesel oil biodegradation by different bacteria-yeast-rhamnolipids consortia was tested. Chromatographic analysis of post-biodegradation residue was completed with chemometric tools (ANOVA, and a novel ranking procedure based on the sum of ranking differences). These tools were used in the selection of the most effective systems. The best results of(More)