Sándor Kardos

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This paper is concerned with the parameter setting problems of some delay-based versions of TCP (TCP Vegas and the recently developed Vegas-based FAST TCP) from a game-theoretic point of view. It is shown that if the TCP Vegas' users are assumed to be selfish in terms of setting their desired number of backlogged packets in the buffers along their paths,(More)
The Intermon project aims to enhance inter-domain traffic analysis in large scale Internet infrastructures. An important part of the system is a set of simulators especially designed for inter-domain scenarios based on measurements from the real network. Simulation results are analyzed using the built-in visual data mining system. This paper presents the(More)
In this paper we investigate the impact of customer loyalty on the price competition between local Internet Service Providers who sell Internet access to end-users. The main contribution of this paper is threefold. First, we develop a repeated game, and show how cooperation between ISPs resulting in higher profits can be enforced through a threat strategy(More)
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