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Ensembles of forecasts are typically employed to account for the forecast uncertainties inherent in predictions of future weather states. However, biases and dispersion errors often present in forecast ensembles require statistical post-processing. Univariate post-processing models such as Bayesian model averaging (BMA) have been successfully applied for(More)
Bayesian model averaging (BMA) is a statistical method for post-processing forecast ensembles of atmospheric variables, obtained from multiple runs of numerical weather predictionmodels, in order to create calibrated predictive probability density functions (PDFs). The BMApredictive PDF of the futureweather quantity is themixture of the individual PDFs(More)
A nearly unstable sequence of stationary spatial autoregressive processes is investigated, when the sum of the absolute values of the autoregressive coefficients tends to one. It is shown that after an appropriate norming the least squares estimator for these coefficients has a normal limit distribution. If none of the parameters equals zero than the(More)
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