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Continuous random processes and fields are regularly applied to model temporal or spatial phenomena in many different fields of science, and model fitting is usually done with the help of data obtained by observing the given process at various time points or spatial locations. In these practical applications sampling designs which are optimal in some sense(More)
Ensemble model output statistics (EMOS) is a statistical tool for post-processing forecast ensembles of weather variables obtained from multiple runs of numerical weather prediction models in order to produce calibrated predictive probability density functions. The EMOS predictive probability density function is given by a parametric distribution with(More)
A nearly unstable sequence of stationary spatial autoregressive processes is investigated, when the sum of the absolute values of the autoregressive coefficients tends to one. It is shown that after an appropriate norming the least squares estimator for these coefficients has a normal limit distribution. If none of the parameters equals zero than the(More)
Considerable information is available on peak growth velocity characteristics of various body dimensions but the age at minimal velocity (AMV) and the duration of the spurt are not that well documented. Authors applied the mathematical growth model of Preece and Baines (PBGM1) to six longitudinally followed somatometric traits [height, sitting height,(More)
The aim of this work was to investigate the local effects of 1:25 dihydroxychole-calciferol, one of the most potent osteoclastic activity stimulants. Tests were conducted on 32 Wistar albino rats divided into 3 groups: an experimental (appliance + drug, n = 11), control (appliance only, n = 11) and a no therapy group (n = 10) which was used for purposes of(More)
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