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The complex interaction potentials arising in the approach of two metastable hydrogen 2s atoms are calculated and the cross sections for ionization, excitation transfer, and elastic scattering are predicted. The measured cross section for associative ionization at E = 4.1 meV equals 2x10(-15) cm (2). We calculate a total ionization cross section of(More)
A detailed analysis of the statistical properties of the transmitted field in corrugated waveguides in the transition from ballistic to diffusion transport is presented. The field distributions are found to be highly dependent on the incident mode excited. When the speckle contrast is one, our results agree with recent experiments where the intensity(More)
Concentrations of the heavy metals Cr, Cu, Fe and Mn were measured in sediments and porewater samples collected in three coastal ecosystems southwest of the Iberian Peninsula: the Odiel and Barbate River Salt Marshes and the Bay of Cadiz. Both the sediment and the porewater metal concentrations in the Odiel River Salt Marshes are higher than the values(More)