Ryuuichi Suzuki

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This paper proposes a method of rotating a three-dimensional image on a screen by using a twodimensional pointer (e.g., a mouse cursor) to make medical diagnoses easier. The apparatus rotates the three-dimensional image by directly clicking and dragging areas of interest with a pointer so that a user (e.g., a busy doctor) can examine the image from any(More)
The magnetic-bubble memory-the new solid-state nonvolatile memory-has taken a prominent place in today's memory market. It is widely used in industrial and information area, because it is reliable, maintenance-free, and durable. Improvements on bubble materials, processing, and chip design, especially Permalloy tracks, led magnetic-bubble memory to 4-Mbit(More)
A high-qpeed display algr~rithm for surface imager from voEumc dara is pmposed. T h i s algorithm uses a new data structure ~alrcd m~tlr t l (~y~r ratlgP r)rm,qP (MLRI) dara It displays a surfrice image within 0.13 seconds from 25hx256x256 volume d:rra withaut any special-purpose hardwarc such as a graphicq accelerator. In addition to Ihe algnrirhrn, we(More)
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