Ryutaro Suzuki

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A turbo network coding based relay model and its decoding method are proposed for the quasi-static fading multiaccess up-link channel. In the model a relay assists two mobile nodes simultaneously by forwarding a network coded version of the two interleaved messages. Access Point (AP) performs joint channel and network decoding with signals received from two(More)
Plant mitochondria contain a relatively large amount of genetic information, suggesting that their functional regulation may not be as straightforward as that of metazoans. We used a genomic tiling array to draw a transcriptomic atlas of Oryza sativa japonica (rice) mitochondria, which was predicted to be approximately 490-kb long. Whereas statistical(More)
Current trend in telecommunications is “broadband” and “ubiquitous.” To achieve this goal, satellite communications systems are expected to play an important role in cooperation with terrestrial communications systems. Along with the advancement of optical fiber transmission systems, the role of satellite communications was dramatically changed from long(More)
The Methoprene-tolerant (Met) protein has been established as a juvenile hormone (JH) receptor. Knockdown of the Met gene caused precocious metamorphosis and suppression of ovarian development. However, the function of Met in caste development of social insects is unclear. In termites, JH acts as a central factor for caste development, especially for(More)
Channel detection is necessary for control of channel usage in multi-user and multi-channel wireless networks. In this paper, we propose a real time wireless channel detection method based on measuring fluctuations of packet arrival intervals in networks using IEEE802.11 media access protocol. We have used simulations to show the relationship between the(More)
In inter-vehicle networks, it is required that collision warning messages be forwarded over multiple hops with significantly short delay. Cut-through packet forwarding is known to effectively reduce forwarding latency. However, it suffers from reliability issue, which can be severe in wireless networks, due to fading, users' mobility, and so on. This paper(More)
A methodology for quantitative assessment of new technologies is presented in the context of communications satellite constellations. The fundamental idea is that new technologies will shift the Pareto-optimal frontier when considering tradeoffs between performance, lifecycle cost and capacity. The suggested process first establishes a baseline by finding a(More)