Ryutaro Ogawa

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We developed a new entertainment platform for digital sports, composed of a shock resistant rubber ball (M-digital ball) which comprises electronic sensors, a BLE wireless module, a communication program between the ball and a computer, and real-time computer graphics/sound contents. Six sensors and a BLE module are incorporated into a substrate which(More)
For the Belle-II detector, we are conducting R&D on proximity focusing ring imaging Cherenkov (RICH) detector using a silica aerogel as a radiator. A 144-channel HAPD (Hybrid Avalanche Photo Detector) is adopted as a photo-detector for the Aerogel-RICH. Because the typical gain of HAPDs is lower than conventional photomultipliers, we need high-gain and(More)
We propose an oversampled cosine-sine modulated filter bank (OCSMFB) for richer overcompleteness contributing sparse directional image representation. The CSMFB, proposed as an alternative of the dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DTCWT), can be designed easily by modulating a prototype filter and can work in image processing tasks better than the DTCWT.(More)
A new stereoscopic projection system has been developed for simultaneous viewing of microsurgical procedures by hundreds of participants at neurosurgical meetings. The video images recorded from each eyepiece of an operating microscope were projected onto two wide screens, which were viewed by two converging eyes or by cross-sight. The system was simple and(More)
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