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Vector mesons on the wall
A domain-wall configuration of the $\eta'$ meson bounded by a string (called a pancake or a Hall droplet) is recently proposed to describe the baryons with spin $N_c/2$. In order to understand itsExpand
Missing final state puzzle in the monopole-fermion scattering
It has been known that when a charged fermion scatters off a monopole, the fermion in the s-wave component must flip its chirality, i.e., fermion number violation must happen. This fact has led to aExpand
Reflection positivity and complex analysis of the Yang–Mills theory from a viewpoint of gluon confinement
In order to understand the confining decoupling solution of the Yang–Mills theory in the Landau gauge, we consider the massive Yang–Mills model which is defined by just adding a gluon mass term toExpand
Gauge-covariant decomposition and magnetic monopole for G(2) Yang-Mills field
We give a gauge-covariant decomposition of the Yang-Mills field with an exceptional gauge group $G(2)$, which extends the field decomposition invented by Cho, Duan-Ge, and Faddeev-Niemi for theExpand
Composite operator and condensate in the SU(N) Yang-Mills theory with U(N-1) stability group
Recently, some reformulations of the Yang-Mills theory inspired by the Cho-Faddeev-Niemi decomposition have been developed in order to understand confinement from the viewpoint of the dualExpand
Non-Abelian Stokes theorem for the Wilson loop operator in an arbitrary representation and its implication to quark confinement
We give a gauge-independent definition of magnetic monopoles in the SU(N) Yang-Mills theory through the Wilson loop operator. For this purpose, we give an explicit proof of the Diakonov-PetrovExpand
Peeking into the θ vacuum
We propose a subvolume method to study the θ dependence of the free energy density of the four-dimensional SU(N) Yang-Mills theory on the lattice. As an attempt, the method is first applied to SU(2)Expand
Lattice study of area law for double-winding Wilson loops
We study the double-winding Wilson loops in the SU(N) Yang-Mills theory on the lattice. We discuss how the area law falloff of the double-winding Wilson loop average is modified by changing theExpand
Magnetic monopoles in pure $SU (2)$ Yang–Mills theory with a gauge-invariant mass
In this paper, we show the existence of magnetic monopoles in the pure $SU(2)$ Yang--Mills theory even in absence of scalar fields when the gauge-invariant mass term is introduced. This resultExpand
Correct way to extract the dominant part of the Wilson loop in higher representations
The Abelian dominance for the string tension was shown for the fundamental sources in MA gauge in the lattice simulations. For higher representations, however, it is also known that the naiveExpand