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N-Gram Analysis Based on Zero-Suppressed BDDs
We propose a new method of n-gram computation with a new sequence data structure based on Zero-suppressed BDDs. Expand
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Fast Regular Expression Matching Using Dual Glushkov NFA
This paper presents a new regular expression matching method by using Dual Glushkov NFA. Dual Glushkov NFA is the variant of Glushkov NFA, and it has the strong property that all the outgoing edgesExpand
Unordered N-gram Representation Based on Zero-suppressed BDDs for Text Mining and Classification
In this paper, we present a new method to analyze unordered n-grams by using ZBDDs (Zero-suppressed BDDs). n-grams have been used not only for text analysis but also for text indexing in some searchExpand
Fast Regular Expression Matching Based On Dual Glushkov NFA
We propose the new matching method Look Ahead Matching that suited to Dual Glushkov NFA structure. Expand