Ryutaro Akiyama

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Vertebrate segments called somites are generated by periodic segmentation of the anterior extremity of the presomitic mesoderm (PSM). During somite segmentation in zebrafish, mesp-b determines a future somite boundary at position B-2 within the PSM. Heat-shock experiments, however, suggest that an earlier future somite boundary exists at B-5, but the(More)
Several human neurodegenerative disorders are caused by expansion of CAG repeats that occurs during meiosis or gametogenesis. We anticipated that the CAG repeats cloned in a plasmid of Saccharomyces cerevisiae might undergo a change in the number of repeats during meiosis and sporulation. To test this possibility, we devised a new method to change in vitro(More)
During vertebrate development, the primary body axis elongates towards the posterior and is periodically divided into somites, which give rise to the vertebrae, skeletal muscles and dermis. Somites form periodically from anterior to posterior, and the anterior somites form in a more rapid cycle than the posterior somites. However, how this anteroposterior(More)
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