Ryusuke Yamaguchi

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A 120-GHz-band wireless link that uses millimeter-wave (MMW) photonic techniques was developed. The output power and noise characteristics of 120-GHz-band MMWs generated by converting a 125-GHz optical subcarrier signal were evaluated. It was then shown that the noise characteristics of the 125-GHz signal generated with these photonic technologies is(More)
We have developed a 120-GHz-band wireless link whose maximum transmission data rate is 11.1 Gbit/s. The wireless link uses millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits (MMICs) for the generation of a 120-GHz-band millimeter-wave wireless signal. The MMICs were fabricated using 0.1-mum-gate InP-HEMTs and coplanar waveguides. The wireless link can handle(More)
We measured the effects of rain attenuation on 120-GHz band wireless link during the heavy rainy period (from July to September, 2008) and annual period (from March to December, 2008). The heavy rainy period data are used as a basis for the wireless link design, and the annual data are used to calculate the reliability of the wireless link. The 120-GHz band(More)
In recent decades, the devastating earthquakes, which can damage a lot of houses and buildings, have frequently happened. To slow down or prevent the disastrous damages of the earthquake, the various technologies have been required. Of these technologies, the ground motion simulator of the earthquake can be used to alert people to the dangers of the(More)
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