Ryusuke Kawahara

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In this paper, we quantitatively evaluate how sampling decreases the detectability of anomalous traffic. We build equations to calculate the false positive ratio (FPR) and false negative ratio (FNR) for given values of the sampling rate, statistics of normal traffic, and volume of anomalies to be detected. We show that by changing the measurement(More)
In the Internet, video streaming services in which users can enjoy videos at home are becoming popular. In particular, video streaming with HDTV or UHDV class quality is expected to attract many users in the future. However, the transmission bit rate of HDTV or UHDV is quite large, so traffic flows generated by this service will severely affect other flows.(More)
We propose a method of dimensioning and managing the bandwidth of a link on which flows arriving on access links that have heterogeneous bandwidths are aggregated. We start by developing a formula that approximates the mean TCP file-transfer time of a flow in such a situation. This only requires the bandwidth of the access link carrying the flow and the(More)
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