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Frustrated magnetic materials, in which local conditions for energy minimization are incompatible because of the lattice structure, can remain disordered to the lowest temperatures. Such is the case for Ba(3)CuSb(2)O(9), which is magnetically anisotropic at the atomic scale but curiously isotropic on mesoscopic length and time scales. We find that the(More)
The generation mechanism of the screech tone in the helical oscillation mode is mainly investigated using a series of instantaneous schlieren photographs. From the photographs, five evanescent sound sources are observed as prominent points along the jet axis. The sound source for the dominant helical oscillation mode is found to be the second prominent(More)
Existence of Mach cone and helical vortical structure in the helical oscillation mode of an underexpanded circular jet was confirmed by using schlieren instantaneous photographs and drawing of the envelopes of the Mach cones by the superposition of spherical sound waves radiated from two moving sound sources about the jet axis at a supersonic speed.(More)
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