Ryuji Hayashi

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A new decoding algorithm that consists of two decoding stages to reduce the computational complexity of maximum likelihood decoding for parallel combinatory high-compaction multicarrier modulation is proposed. The first decoding stage is responsible for a preliminary decision that serves to roughly find candidate messages using the QRD-M algorithm, and the(More)
Preparations of de novo acyclic 2-amido-dienes and 3-amido-trienes through 1,3-hydrogen shifts from allenamides are described. These 1,3-hydrogen shifts could be achieved thermally or they could be promoted by the use of Brønsted acids. Under either condition, these processes are highly regioselective in favour of the α-position, and highly stereoselective(More)
In the present paper, we propose a new modulation called continuous-phase parallel-combinatory high-compaction multicarrier modulation (CPPC/HC-MCM). The CPPC/HC-MCM employs the technique of continuous phase modulation (CPM) and avoids the amplitude gaps between two successive signals to enhance the property of spectral efficiency of conventional PC/HC-MCM.(More)
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