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Sound localization is one of important abilities for robots which utilize auditory information. Binaural information such as interaural time difference (ITD) or interaural intensity difference(IID) is effective for horizontal sound localization. In order to extend this ability to vertical sound localization, spectral cues were utilized in this paper instead(More)
An important ability in auditory robots is the localization of sound source. In this paper, a robust method to localize the vertical direction of the sound source with two microphones and pinnae is proposed. In order to achieve vertical sound source localization, the method of detecting spectral cues, the relationship between spectral cues and source(More)
In this paper, we deal with a tip position control problem of a flexible arm with dead zone for the control input torque. A design method of a passivity based adaptive output feedback control for nonlinear nonminmum-phase flexible arm systems will be presented. To realize an adaptive output feedback control for nonminimum-phase control systems, we introduce(More)
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