Ryuhei Noguchi

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ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF ITOKAWA REGOLITH PARTICLES BASED ON THREE-DIMENSIONAL SHAPES AND SIZES OF HAYABUSA SAMPLES A. Tsuchiyama, M. Uesugi, T. Matsushima, T. Michikami, T. Kadono, T. Nakamura, K. Uesugi, T. Nakano, S. A. Sandford, R. Noguchi, T. Matsumoto, J. Matsuno, T. Nagano, Y. Imai, A. Takeuchi, Y. Suzuki, T. Ogami, J. Katagiri, M. Ebihara, T. R.(More)
Some time-stamping services are on business for protection of a document. A user can get the time-stamp just by connecting a terminal to the internet. However, if the user cannot connect to the internet, the document cannot be protected. Without regard to the internet access, if the user can get the time-stamp anywhere, time-stamping can use in many other(More)
In order to obtain the portability of a book, and reduction of a storage place, it is popular to change a book into a digital book. It has changed into the text data for search of the contents, and data size compression. However, the special character is used for the illustration page or the cover. These characters may be unable to be read as text data by(More)
Digital time-stamp is a component for making a digital evidence of data. It proves that there has been a data since a particular time, and the data has not been falsified after time-stamping. A PKI-based time-stamping scheme is standardized in RFC3161. In the scheme, Time Stamping Authority (TSA), which is a trusted third party, issues a digital time-stamp(More)
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