Ryszrad Gryboś

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THE AIM OF THIS STUDY WAS TO INVESTIGATE THE CLINICAL EFFICACY OF VANADIUM COMPLEXES ON TRIGLYCERIDES (TG), TOTAL CHOLESTEROL (CHOL), URIC ACID (UA), UREA (U), AND ANTIOXIDANT PARAMETERS: nonenzymatic (FRAP-ferric reducing ability of plasma, and reduced glutathione-GSH) and enzymatic (glutathione peroxidase-GPx, catalase-CAT, and GPx/CAT ratio) activity in(More)
The aim of the study is to investigate the influence of diet treatment on bone marrow cells. Normal male Wistar rats were divided into six groups (n = 6 per group): control with normal diet (C), increased fructose (31 % w/w in fodder) (Fr) and high fatty (30 % w/w of animal fat in fodder) diet (Fa), and the same diets with vanadium complex ([VO(4,4′(More)
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