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This study examines the notion of inconsistency in pairwise comparisons for providing an axiomatization for it. It also proposes two inconsistency indicators for pairwise comparisons. The primary motivation for the inconsistency reduction is expressed by a computer industry concept " garbage in, garbage out ". The quality of the output depends on the(More)
Let µ denote a symmetric probability measure on [−1, 1] and let (p n) be the corresponding orthogonal polynomials normalized such that p n (1) = 1. We prove that the normalized Turán determinant ∆ n (x)/(1 − x 2), where ∆ n = p 2 n − p n−1 p n+1 , is a Turán determinant of order n − 1 for orthogonal polynomials with respect to (1 − x 2)dµ(x). We use this to(More)
OBJECTIVE It has recently been suggested that conductance catheter parallel conductance (alpha Vc) is a function of left ventricular volume. To confirm this, alpha Vc was measured in this study over a wide range of steady state volumes. In addition, conductance derived volumes were compared to those obtained by radionuclide angiography to determine if the(More)