Ryszard Szupiluk

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The paper presents an improved method for 1–24 hours load forecasting in the power system, integrating and combining different neural forecasting results by an ensemble system. We will integrate the results of partial predictions made by three solutions, out of which one relies on a multilayer perceptron and two others on self-organizing networks of the(More)
In this paper it is proposed to apply blind signal separation methods to improve a neural network prediction. Results generated by any regression model usually include both constructive and destructive components. In case of a few models, some of the components can be common to all of them. Our aim is to find the basis elements and distinguish the(More)
In this paper we present the theoretical background for destructive component identification in ensemble method via multivariate decompositions. The identification method is based on second order statistics and it is addressed for predictive models scored by MSE criterion. The validity of the concept is confirmed by simulation study based on Friedman(More)