Ryszard S. Gessing

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  • R. Gessing
  • 2006
Some necessary conditions of implementability of regulation of MIMO plant without and with integrators are formulated and proved in the paper. The notions of the join gain and degree of independence of the outputs of the plant in steady state are introduced. Partial decoupling of steady states and of fast transients is considered. The latter is based on an(More)
Using a special determination of the state variables it is noted, that with the faster modes of the conventional reduced order Luenberger observer, a smaller sensitivity to the change of the plant parameters is related. Especially, for the plants with single input and single output (SISO) and no zeros, it is shown that the sufficiently fast observer has a(More)
The meaning of nonzero set points for the identiiability of the AR-MAX model parameters in a closed-loop system with a minimum-variance controller is explained and discussed. It is pointed out that, in the case of a zero set point and an ARMAX model resulting from the discretization of a continuous-time plant, the model parameters cannot be identiied in a(More)