Ryszard Kocieba

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The case of a patient aged 16 is presented who had 13 years ago both of her shanks amputated by a harvester and successfully replanted. The total ischaemia time was 11 hours. The replantation was simultaneously performed by two teams. Only one main artery (posterior tibial a.) and vein were anastomosed, as well as one nerve (posterior tibial n.). The late(More)
Replantations and revascularizations on the level of the arm are performed in the smallest number. The achieved functional results are poor. The paper presents a result achieved in a patient who sustained an avulsion amputation of an upper arm in the year 1974. The first long-term control was made 11 years after the revascularization of the limb which rated(More)
An amputation at the wrist level (the level with the best prognosis) has been characterized. Rehabilitation protocol after replantation at the wrist level developed on the ground of 328 replantations done in the Center over 25 years has been presented. Its essential quality is an early initiation of active movements (second postoperative day) and resistive(More)
Clinical results comparing different methods of bony fixation in 50 replanted digits in a series of 41 patients over a 13 year period are presented. The analysis was restricted only to replantantions involving sharp amputations of the proximal phalanx in order to restrict this study to a relatively homogenous group of patients. Evaluated techniques(More)
The problems in replantation of arms were analysed on the ground of nine such replantations performed in Center of Replantations of Limbs in Trzebnica in the same number of patients (7 men, 2 children, 1 woman) during the seven year period 1993-2000. The range of age of the patients was from 12 to 62 years (35.5 on average). Among the problems discussed(More)
Four thumbs and six fingers in 7 patients were lengthened by inserting bone graft harvested from the iliac crest into divided stump of proximal phalanx or first metacarpal. All grafts healed without complications. The operation is indicated in patients who do not accept toe-to-hand procedure. No signs of graft resorption were observed during follow-up.