Ryoutarou Suda

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This paper presents a novel application framework named simple interface for library collections (SILC) that allows users to make use of matrix computation libraries in a flexible and language-independent manner. Using SILC, various computing environments as well as alternative solvers and matrix storage formats from different libraries can be easily(More)
We have developed the matrix distribution library for sparse matrix solvers. There are few libraries to realize matrix distribution and reordering. It is mainly because the data structure of the large sparse matrix can not be specified to one matrix format. Thus the present paper assumes the matrix format as distributed compressed row storage (CRS) format(More)
Vision systems are an important component to teleoperate mobile robots. We previously proposed a vision system with a wide field of view by combining the camera images of two cameras. This paper describes the features of our vision system that are useful for teleoperation, and we propose attachment devices for our system. The proposed devices are used to(More)
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