Ryouko Sawamoto

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Background:Sleep has been identified as having an influence on the success of weight-loss interventions; however, knowledge of the mechanisms and the extent to which sleep disturbances affect the magnitude of weight reduction is inconclusive.Objective:To determine if sleep duration and quality can predict the magnitude of weight reduction in a weight-loss(More)
A 57-year-old man complaining of right shoulder pain was admitted. Chest enhanced CT scanning showed a mass shadow in the right upper lobe with chest wall invasion. The laboratory data on admission showed marked leukocytosis. A CT-guided lung biopsy was performed, and a histological examination of the biopsy specimen showed a spindle cell type pleomorphic(More)
BACKGROUND Although the serum adiponectin level is inversely correlated to body mass index and closely associated with obesity and related diseases, neither the impact of weight loss on the adiponectin level nor other factors that might influence the adiponectin level during weight loss intervention are well documented. OBJECTIVE The objective of the(More)
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