Ryouko Kobayashi

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OBJECTIVES To determine the relationship between maximum power relative to body weight (Pmax-rel) and the aging process, and to indicate the target values of improvement of motor function in Japanese individuals. METHODS In 410 physically active Japanese subjects (7-79 years) with no impairment of daily activities were performed counter-movement jumps. We(More)
Pure agraphia is an isolated writing disturbance without intellectual impairment, aphasia, alexia, or apraxia. The authors report a case of pure agraphia following left thalamic hemorrhage. The patient showed impairment in the writing of both kanji and kana. The most frequent error in the writing of kanji was substitution (46%) followed by no reaction (23%)(More)
OBJECTIVES Prolonged occupational work such as farm work has been reported to adversely affect mobility in elderly women. The purpose of this study was to investigate possible relationships between prolonged occupational work and 6-year changes in postural sway in elderly women. METHODS Subjects were 392 women aged ≥ 69 years who participated in a 6-year(More)
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