Ryouko Kobayashi

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From among the subjects of a follow-up study on cases of autism conducted by the authors in 1990, 179 cases for which precise records were available on the infancy period were selected for evaluation of the relationship between the occurrence of setback phenomenon in infancy and long-term prognosis. The following results were obtained: (i) a significantly(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of post-ictal headaches (PIH) and clinical risk factors associated with the occurrence of PIH in patients with localization-related epilepsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS The subjects were 77 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), 34 patients with occipital lobe epilepsy (OLE), and 50 patients with frontal lobe epilepsy(More)
A survey was conducted on the present behavioral characteristics of 187 cases of adult autism in patients over 18 years of age employing Achenbach's Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL). When their behavioral characteristics were evaluated in relation to Present Language Developmental Level (PLDL) and Present Adaptive Level (PAL), it was seen that greater(More)
The effects of lunchtime bright light exposure in patients of a geriatric hospital were investigated. Ten inpatients (six women and four men; mean age +/- SD: 81.2 +/- 8.8 years) with sleep disturbances were studied for 9 weeks. Nurses performed daily ratings for sleep-wakefulness disturbances. Approximately 8000 lx bright light exposure was performed for 3(More)
Sleep EEG of eight healthy males and eight females aged 54-72 years were recorded at their homes. The electroencephalograms were visually scored and analyzed by spectral analysis using the FFT method. There were no significant differences in sleep parameters except for a higher percentage of stage 3+4 in females. The spectral power of the delta band EEG was(More)
Recent studies suggest the linkage of hypertension and insulin resistance. High fructose diet is known to induce hyperinsulinemia and hypertension in rats. In a previous study, however, high fructose (66%) diet failed to elevate blood pressure but increased left ventricular weight in Sprague-Dawley rats. In the present study, we investigated the precise(More)
In order to investigate the effects of 5000 lx evening bright light on autonomic nervous function, a spectral analysis was used to assess heart rate variability in consecutive 5-min epochs just after 60 min of bright light therapy was given to 12 young women (range: 20-21 years of age). The study revealed that a low frequency band (LF) increased in bright(More)
Inpatients with sleep disturbances in a geriatric hospital received 1 h of exposure to approximately 8000 lx bright light per day for 3 weeks. Polysomnogram was recorded for four female patients. Two (aged 68 and 87 years) were non-demented patients with weak cataracts and the other two (aged 92 and 93 years) were demented patients with severe cataracts.(More)
Subjective sleep feeling and polysomnography were measured in 10 elderly women to investigate the effects of 8000 lux morning bright light (BL) exposure. The profile of sleep feeling in the BL condition was better than in the control condition. The proportion of awakening time in the first one-third of night sleep decreased, and the amount of awakening time(More)
The study was designed to investigate gender differences in the sleep-wake patterns of healthy middle-aged individuals in their home environment. Polysomnography showed that daytime napping was more common in men than in women. Men had lower sleep efficiency index and experienced more stage 1 sleep. Males had significantly less stages 3 + 4 sleep, less(More)