Ryou Nishikawa

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Chondroblastoma of the skull is a rare tumor and only 54 cases have been reported to date. A case of chondroblastoma arising from the squamous part of the left temporal bone is reported. A 34-year-old woman had 6-month history of left conductive hearing disturbance and tenderness in the left temporal region. Plain skull X-ray showed a well demarcated(More)
BACKGROUND Two rare cases of triple primary malignant neoplasms (PMN), including malignant brain tumors, which were glioblastoma multiformes, are described. METHODS The clinical characteristics and underlying genetic alterations in triple or more PMN, including malignant brain tumors are discussed with intensive review of the literature. RESULTS The(More)
We reported a 66-year-old right-handed man, in whom developmental stuttering had almost been cured previously, who suffered a brain tumor. He developed not only left hemiparesis but also speech dysfluency such as acquired stuttering and aphasia. MRI showed a brain tumor in the body of the corpus callosum. The main feature of his stuttering was repetition of(More)
Twenty-eight patients with metastatic brain tumor from renal cell carcinoma were treated at the National Cancer Hospital, Tokyo, between 1962 and March 1989. In 13 patients, the median time interval between the initial diagnosis and pulmonary metastasis was 18 months, and the interval between pulmonary metastasis and brain metastasis was 13 months. In 10(More)
An eleven-month-old male infant with an ependymal cyst is reported. He was born after full-term pregnancy and vacuum extraction. His growth and development was somewhat retarded and he could control his head at the age of five months. He was admitted to our hospital because of the enlargement of his head and the paretic right upper limb. On admission he was(More)
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