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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The anterior communicating artery (ACoA) is a site of predilection for intracranial saccular aneurysms causing subarachnoid hemorrhage. ACoA aneurysms are frequently associated with an asymmetrical circle of Willis. In such cases, the ACoA is probably exposed to high hemodynamic stress caused by a considerable shunt flow across the(More)
In vitro tensile bond strengths of Photo Clearfil Bright (PB) and Clearfil Photo Posterior (CP) with Clearfil Photo Bond to human enamel and dentin were determined by a truncated cone bond test. Parameters tested were: four substrates (etched enamel; unetched dentin, D1; dentin conditioned with 10% polyacrylic acid, D2; and dentin etched with phosphoric(More)
Shoes have a beneficial function in physical performance, particularly for gait. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of shoe fit with gait parameters in community-dwelling older people. The fit of habitual shoes (HS) was evaluated in healthy older subjects and subjects were classified into well-fit (n=48) and poorly-fit (n=37)(More)
Linear coefficients of thermal expansion were measured on seven visible-light-cured composite resins from 0 to 60 degrees C. The values ranged from 29.0 to 83.5 x 10(-6)/degrees C at 37 degrees C. Statistical analysis revealed significant differences among temperature ranges and products and between runs. Significant correlation was not found between the(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of two concentrations of poly (acrylic acid) (10 and 25%), three treatments (untreated, passive conditioning, and active conditioning), and two storage conditions (24 hours in 37 degrees C water and thermal cycling) on the in vitro tensile bond strength of three commercial glass-ionomer liners to human(More)
The crystal structure of ionic nanocrystals (NCs) is usually controlled by reaction temperature, according to their phase diagram. We show that when ionic NCs with different shapes, but identical crystal structures, were subjected to anion exchange reactions under ambient conditions, pseudomorphic products with different crystal systems were obtained. The(More)
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