Ryota Sugino

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The objective of this paper is to investigate the method which can assess accurately and efficiently the effects of excitation systems on transient stability of power systems. At first, critical fault clearing time functions CCT(W:load) are defined by taking notice of the fact that transient stability is mainly controlled by fault clearing time and load.(More)
In many situations of hydrodynamic phenomenon, two-layer fluid is a dominant feature of fluid motion. Such two-layer fluid often contains jumps in the density across the interface of fluid domains. The interface of air and water or salt water and fresh water is obvious example [Tho68]. The density jump may be assumed to occur in an infinitesimally thin(More)
For the first time, we will present production-ready heterogeneous charge trap NAND technology based on Silicon Rich Nitride. The competitive product performance, reliability, and manufacturability demonstrated at the 43nm node, in conjunction with the planar cell architecture have laid the foundation for scaling to <; 20nm.
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