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In this paper, we describe the results of an empirical study on two spam detection methods: support vector machines (SVMs) and naive Bayes classifier (NBC). To conduct the study, we implement the NBC and choose to use the SVM/sup light/, an application of SVMs developed by Thorsten Joachims. The NBC and the linear SVMs with different C parameters are(More)
We report optical amplification of Ar(2)* at 126 nm, pumped by optical-field-induced ionization (OFI) created by an infrared high-intensity laser. A gain-length product of 0.84 was obtained by using multipass amplification with a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) cavity. The gain-length product was increased up to 4.3 through the use of single-pass amplification(More)
The optimal cardiac phases for coronary CT angiography (CTA) are end-systole and mid-diastole, in which cardiac movement is slow. In conventional methods, these cardiac phases are determined by visual selection. We have compared the images in the optimal cardiac phases that were selected by the conventional method and cardiac-phase search software (Phase(More)
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