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Modulation of pain using visual distortion of body size (VDBS) has been the subject of various reports. However, the mechanism underlying the effect of VDBS on pain has been less often studied. In the present study, factors associated with modulation of pain threshold by VDBS were investigated. Visual feedback in the form of a magnified image of the hand(More)
Changing the visual body appearance by use of as virtual reality system, funny mirror, or binocular glasses has been reported to be helpful in rehabilitation of pain. However, there are interindividual differences in the analgesic effect of changing the visual body image. We hypothesized that a negative body image associated with changing the visual body(More)
[Purpose] A number of different stimulation devices are used in basic and clinical research studies, and their frequencies of use vary. However, whether or not they are equally effective has not been investigated. The purpose of the present study was to investigate neural activity in the brain during the illusion of motion evoked by stimulating the tendons(More)
In human postural control, touching a fingertip to a stable object with a slight force (<1 N) reduces postural sway independent of mechanical support, which is referred to as the effect of light touch (LT effect). The LT effect is achieved by the spatial orientation according to haptic feedback acquired from an external spatial reference. However, the(More)
Touching a stable object with a fingertip using slight force (<1 N) stabilizes standing posture independent of mechanical support, which is referred to as the effect of light touch (LT). In the neural mechanism of the effect of LT, the specific contribution of the cortical brain activity toward the effect of LT remains undefined, particularly the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the short-term effects of the life goal concept on subjective well-being and treatment engagement, and to determine the sample size required for a larger trial. DESIGN A quasi-randomized controlled trial that was not blinded. SETTING A subacute rehabilitation ward. SUBJECTS A total of 66 patients were randomized to a(More)
Antianatomically installed Jyros (JR) and ATS valves were compared with the St. Jude Medical (SJM) valve in the mitral position to study the effects of valve design on the downstream flow field and associated closing sounds using a particle image velocimetry (PIV) method utilizing a high-speed video flow visualization technique to map the velocity field and(More)
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