Ryota Akai

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Manufacturing today has become global in all aspects marketing, design, production, distribution, etc. While product family design has been an essential viewpoint for meeting the demand for product variety, its interaction with the issues of supply chain, market systems, etc. makes the meaning of product family both broad and more complicated. In this paper(More)
Our goal is to develop a method for counting the number of people traveling over a wide area monitored by spatially disjoint multiple cameras with non-overlapping fields of view. The proposed method counts the number of people traversing across each pair of cameras’ fields of view by estimating the flows between the foreground regions which have disappeared(More)
In this study we focused on identifying and characterizing polydimethylsiloxane-binding peptides (PDMS-tags) that show a strong binding affinity towards a PDMS surface. Three kinds of E. coli host proteins (ELN, OMC and TPA) that were preferentially adsorbed onto a PDMS surface were identified from the E. coli cell lysate via 2-D electrophoresis and MALDI(More)
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