Ryosuke Miyake

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Surface design with unique functional molecules by a convenient one-pot treatment is an attractive project for the creation of smart molecular devices. We have employed a silane coupling reaction of porphyrin derivatives that form one-dimensional polymer wires on substrates. Our simple one-pot treatment of a substrate with porphyrin has successfully(More)
Development of gas separation materials has been one of the basic requirements of industry. Microporous materials have adequate pores for gas separation and have contributed to the advancement of gas purification techniques. Because the simplest and most economical method would be membrane separation, various microporous membranes have been prepared and(More)
For the purpose of investigating the correlation between host gas adsorption ability and structural flexibility, the combination of metal benzoate complexes [M(II)(2)(bza)(4)] (M(II) = Rh (a), Cu (b); bza = benzoate) and pyrazine derivatives (pyz = pyrazine (1), 2-mpyz = 2-methylpyrazine (2), 2,3-dmpyz = 2,3-dimethylpyrazine (3)) yields a series of(More)
Coordination-driven self-assembly utilizing labile capping ligands has been exploited as a novel strategy for metallo-cage containers. Herein, we report a tetrameric porphyrin barrel complex [C60⊂Zn814(H2O)4(OTs)12](OTs)4 (2) (OTs = p-CH3C6H4SO3) formed from a tetrakis(bipyridyl)porphyrin ligand 1, Zn(OTs)2, and a template guest, C60 fullerene. The(More)
This paper reports the result of taking part in NTCIR-9 VisEx task. VisEx is a pilot task for establishing an evaluation framework of explorative information access environments. We took part in an event collection subtask, in which users write a report that summarizes events relating with a given topic. In order to help users filter out unwanted articles(More)
Bowl-shaped corannulene provides various metal binding modes with its curved π-surfaces and rim. Herein, we report the syntheses of 2-pyridylcorannulene and its cyclopalladated complex. Its expanded π-system and columnar self-assembly in the crystal state were revealed by NMR and UV-vis spectroscopies, ESI-TOF mass spectrometry and single-crystal X-ray(More)
This paper describes a convenient synthetic procedure for nucleoside mimics, 1-6, in which the 3',5'-hydroxy groups of natural 2'-deoxythymidine or 2'-deoxyadenosine are replaced by thiol, amine, or alkylthiol groups. Such nucleosides would be built up into a single DNA strand with cooperative participation of metal coordination, where internucleoside(More)
Crystalline peptide Ni(ii)-macrocycles (BF4(-) salt) exhibited moderate CO2 gas adsorption (ca. 6-7 CO2 molecules per macrocycle) into very narrow cavities (narrowest part <2 Å), accompanied by the expansion of the cavities. The BF4(-) salt demonstrated selective uptake of CO2 gas in preference to CH4 and N2 gases.
A tetranuclear Ni(II)-macrocycle consisting of β-dipeptides demonstrates effects of water vapor on the structural switching of the nano-cavity by ligand exchange in the single-crystal state. The content of non-coordinating water molecules regulates the opening and closing of the cavity through cooperation of smooth ligand exchange and internal hydrogen-bond(More)
Metal-mediated self-assembly of bioinspired molecular building blocks shows promise as an excellent strategy to provide well-defined metal arrays and nanoscopic metallo-architectures in a programmable way. Herein, we report Ni(II)-mediated self-assembly of artificial beta-dipeptides (1) which were prepared from a newly designed beta-amino acid bearing a(More)