Ryosuke Katsumata

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In this paper, a practical design method of a FinFET is presented with :in example of a scaled DRAM device. The electric properties of the FinFET are analyzed by means of three-dimensional process and device simulations. The analysis reveals that the short channel effects depend strongly on not only the thickness but also the taper angle of the silicon(More)
Growing evidence suggests persistent mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP) opening is a key pathophysiological event in cell death underlying a variety of diseases. While it has long been clear the mPTP is a druggable target, current agents are limited by off-target effects and low therapeutic efficacy. Therefore identification and development(More)
It is well known that an earlobe crease (ELC) is related with cardiovascular disease. However evaluation of ELC has been carried out subjectively. We propose a novel system for objective and quantitative evaluation of ELC characteristics. The outline of earlobe was detected using the Canny edge detector. The number of ELCs and the ratio of the ELC length(More)
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