Ryosuke Hokama

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An amino acid-based cationic lipid having a TFA counterion (trifluoroacetic acid counterion) in the lysine headgroup was used to deliver functional proteins into human cervical cancer cells, HeLa, in the presence of serum. Proteins used in the study were fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) labeled bovine serum albumin, mouse anti-F actin antibody [NH3], and(More)
The delivery of specific genes into neurons offers a potent approach for treatment of diseases as well as for the study of neuronal cell biology. Here we investigated the capabilities of cationic amino acid based lipid assemblies to act as nonviral gene delivery vectors in primary cultured neurons. An arginine-based lipid, Arg-C3-Glu2C14, and a lysine-based(More)
BACKGROUND Currently available gene delivery vehicles have many limitations such as low gene delivery efficiency and high cytotoxicity. To overcome these drawbacks, we designed and synthesized two cationic lipids comprised of n-tetradecyl alcohol as the hydrophobic moiety, 3-hydrocarbon chain as the spacer, and different counterions (eg, hydrogen chloride(More)
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