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The effects of late weeding treatment on the growth of young hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) during the sixth growing season after planting were examined. Furthermore, the contribution toward hinoki growth recovery of crown productivity (NAR) and biomass allocation to crown (CAR) were determined. In the late weeding plot, no decline in height growth was(More)
Pasania edulis (Makino) Makino is one of the dominant Fagucea tree species in evergreen broad-leaved forests in southern Japan, and its regeneration success may have a major impact on the dynamics of evergreen broad-leaved forests. We conducted a field survey on the population process from acorn production to seedling establishment of P. edulis in an(More)
The positive and negative effects of the residual stand edge at a strip-clearcut site were examined on the initial growth of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) planted in areas with diverse topography. On the south edge, the gap light index was lower than on the north edge and strip center; however, the vapor pressure deficit was also lower than on the north(More)
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