Ryoko Hiramoto

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Previous studies have shown that the same stressor, depending on intensity, controllability, or duration, can have different effects on the immune system. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of 10- and 20-min rotation on natural killer (NK) cell activity and also to establish if changes in body temperature, proinflammatory cytokine(More)
Psychoimmunology has been credited with using the mind as a way to alter immunity. The problem with this concept is that many of the current psychoimmunology techniques in use are aimed at alleviating stress effects on the immune system rather than at direct augmentation of immunity by the brain. Studies in animals provide a model that permits us to(More)
We describe a method that detects the user's intentions on the basis of the user's operations on a digital map and automatically retrieves and displays appropriate Web pages. Since the series of operations that a user performs on digital maps usually reflect specific intentions, the user's intentions can be detected by analyzing the operation sequences. We(More)
It has been demonstrated that significant protection against YC8 lymphoma can be induced in mice preimmunized with normal DBA/2 spleen cells. The DBA/2 spleen cells used as alloantigens share minor histocompatibility determinants with the YC8 tumor. We have used this model to investigate the nature of the immunity conferred by treatment with the alloantigen(More)
We are interested in identifying the pathways which are responsible for triggering the conditioned enhancement of natural killer (NK) cell activity. Earlier studies have suggested that central opioid(s) are involved in eliciting the expression of the conditioned NK cell activity. The purpose of this study was to identify the central opioid peptides that(More)
The type of opioid receptors involved in the conditioned enhancement of natural killer (NK) cell activity is identified in the present study. In our previous observations, we have demonstrated that the conditioned enhancement of NK cell activity was dependent on beta-endorphin and methionine-enkephalin, but not dynorphin. Based on the interaction of opioids(More)
We propose a method that analyzes users’ search intentions by using their operations in a digital map search and automatically displays appropriate Web information. Although map operations, such as panning and zooming, is a search technique where new screen information is acquired, the information acquired in map applications is restricted. Therefore,(More)
How the interaction between the brain and immune system takes place has not been clearly defined. Because multiple changes are occurring simultaneously in all organ systems (e.g., cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, reproductive, renal, respiratory, immune, CNS), how many single systems interacts with the brain becomes extraordinarily difficult to understand.(More)