Ryoko Hiramoto

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We describe a method that detects the user's intentions on the basis of the user's operations on a digital map and automatically retrieves and displays appropriate Web pages. Since the series of operations that a user performs on digital maps usually reflect specific intentions, the user's intentions can be detected by analyzing the operation sequences. We(More)
We propose a method that analyzes users’ search intentions by using their operations in a digital map search and automatically displays appropriate Web information. Although map operations, such as panning and zooming, is a search technique where new screen information is acquired, the information acquired in map applications is restricted. Therefore,(More)
Presentation content can consist of heterogeneous media, such as videos and slides, which have been recorded and used. A variety of retrieval methods have been proposed for each kind of stored media. This paper proposes an extraction method using the features of each type of media. The proposed method specifically uses presentation video and slides. A user(More)
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