Ryoji Nakagawa

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From a Corticium rolfsii cDNA library, a clone homologous to other fungal cellobiohydrolase (CBH1) genes was isolated using the polymerase chain reaction. In the nucleotide sequence, one 1.6 kb long open reading frame coding for a polypeptide of 530 amino acid residues was detected which showed 64% identity with CBH1 of Phanerochaete chrysosporium. With(More)
Two lectins were purified from Helianthus tuberosus callus by maltose affinity chromatography and subsequent preparative electrophoresis. The lectins were designated HTA I and HTA II and their molecular masses were about 34 kDa by gel-filtration chromatography. A single band of 17 kDa and bands of 17 kDa and 18 kDa were detected after SDS-PAGE of HTA I and(More)
Two lectins (designated as HTA I and HTA II) that seemed to be isolectins were found in Helianthus tuberosus callus. cDNA encoding HTA I was isolated from a ZAP Express expression library by immunoselection by using the anti-HTA antiserum. The sequence of this cDNA consisted of 432 bp nucleotides coding for a polypeptide of 143 amino acid residues (Mr,(More)
To assess the toxicity of the C1 compounds methanol and formaldehyde, gene expression profiles of treated baker's yeast were analyzed using DNA microarrays. Among approximately 6,000 open reading frames (ORFs), 314 were repressed and 375 were induced in response to methanol. The gene process category "energy" comprised the greatest number of induced genes(More)
The effect of the heavy metal copper on the expression of a wide spectrum of genes was analyzed by using a DNA microarray. The gene expression profile of baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in a medium containing a sublethal concentration of cupric sulfate was compared with that of yeast grown in a normal medium. Among approximately 6000 yeast(More)
Lactobacillus plantarum HOKKAIDO (HOKKAIDO strain) was isolated from well-pickled vegetables in Hokkaido, Japan. We report a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the effects of L. plantarum HOKKAIDO on immune function and stress markers in 171 adult subjects. Subjects were divided into three groups: the L. plantarum HOKKAIDO yogurt(More)
Callus from Helianthus tuberosus expresses a mannose-specific lectin (HTA). The level of HTA mRNA significantly increased one hour after treatment of the callus with 20 mg/l methyl jasmonate. Following this, fragmentation of the callus DNA at regular intervals was observed together with strong self-fluorescence emission in the callus cells.
The rapid growth of the smartphone market in China has changed the structure of the Chinese mobile phone industry. The present paper analyzes this change using the concept of the “Business Ecosystem”. The world’s two big business ecosystems, Apple’s and Google’s, have developed as the dominant ecosystems, but telecom common carriers, mobile phone terminal(More)
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