Ryoji Hattori

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Detection of characters in scenery images is often a very difficult problem. Although many researchers have tackled this difficult problem and achieved a good performance, it is still difficult to suppress many false alarms and although missings. This paper investigates a conspicuous character pattern, which is a special pattern designed for easier(More)
We have succeeded in developing a custom LSI with 160-outputs which supply tri-level voltages as high as 110 V using LDMOS technology for driving a passive-matrix driven electronic paper. The level shifter was designed to suppress the power consumption by employing the new level shifter which needed no DC bias voltage. The LSI chip was thinned to 35(More)
This paper presents a novel fixed length coding scheme for video compression. By utilizing binary symbol probability estimation after symbol binarization, binary symbols are coded using variable length code to fixed length code table to generate fixed length code bitstream. Simulation results show the proposed scheme achieves around 10% better compression(More)
Character detection in scenery images is a very difficult task. This paper describes a strategy of selecting character patterns for easier detection in scenery image. These character patterns, called conspicuous character patterns, are selected from character font sets according to a criterion that evaluates how the font has a larger distance from a(More)
In this paper, improved bypass mode for CABAC called pass through mode is proposed. The bypass mode stands for a special coding process in CABAC to be used for encoding a symbol having equal probability. The proposed scheme realizes complexity reduction of the bypass mode in decoder without any loss of compression performance. We implemented the proposed(More)
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