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Arabidopsis chotto1 (cho1) mutants show resistance to (-)-R-ABA, an ABA analog, during germination and seedling growth. Here, we report cloning and characterization of the CHO1 gene. cho1 mutants showed only subtle resistance to (+)-S-ABA during germination. The cho1 mutation acts as a strong enhancer of the abi5 mutant, whereas the cho1 abi4 double mutant(More)
Seeds respond to multiple different environmental stimuli that regulate germination. Nitrate stimulates germination in many plants but how it does so remains unclear. Here we show that the Arabidopsis NIN-like protein 8 (NLP8) is essential for nitrate-promoted seed germination. Seed germination in nlp8 loss-of-function mutants does not respond to nitrate.(More)
We elucidated the genome sequence of Glycine max cv. Enrei to provide a reference for characterization of Japanese domestic soybean cultivars. The whole genome sequence obtained using a next-generation sequencer was used for reference mapping into the current genome assembly of G. max cv. Williams 82 obtained by the Soybean Genome Sequencing Consortium in(More)
Although combination therapy with the oral fluoropyrimidine anticancer drug S-1 and the anticonvulsant phenytoin (PHT) is known to increase blood levels of PHT and the risk of intoxication, reports on long-term monitoring of blood levels of PHT during combined S-1 and PHT treatment and a thorough understanding of their interaction are lacking. This report(More)
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