Ryoichi Sakiyama

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In order to improve solute removal efficiency, several types of dialyzers with enhanced internal filtration (IF) were introduced for clinical applications. In these dialyzers, enhanced IF increased convective transport of the solute in addition to diffusive transport. Internal filtration-enhanced hemodialysis (IFEHD) defined as hemodialysis therapy using(More)
Internal filtration/backfiltration (IF/BF) of a dialyzer depends on several parameters. This study evaluated the effect of the blood flow rate (Q B) on the internal filtration flow rate (Q IF) measured using Doppler ultrasonography for a high-flux dialyzer with a polysulfone membrane, APS-15E. In an in vitro study, bovine blood was circulated through the(More)
ABH-F and ABH-P have been developed for hemodiafiltration (HDF) therapy. In this study, we evaluated the solute removal characteristics of the hemodiafilters in a bovine blood in vitro study. The hemodiafilters were examined for 120 min at various filtration flow rates (Q F) (31.2–250 mL/min) under a constant blood flow rate of 250 mL/min and constant(More)
Ablood purification module was developed with edible agar or Gelrite, in which activated charcoal was dispersed. Tap water (or normal saline) was boiled, and agar (or Gelrite) powder was dissolved in it. The solution was hardened with no additive or activated charcoal in a plastic cylindrical hard shell with a perforated bottom plate to assemble module A(More)
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